Bus Expectations

Behavior Expectations...

1.     Respect the bus driver and                       8.     Please do not be destructive
listen to instructions               

2.      Observe same conduct                               9.     Be courteous, no profane language
as in the classroom

3.     Do not eat or drink on bus...                     10.  Please help keep the bus clean at 
No Suckers                                                                all times

4.       Keep your head, arms, legs and             11.  No tobacco products this includes       
hands inside the bus.                                         chewing, smoking and vaping.

5.     No spraying of perfume,                             12.   No glass on bus at anytime 
or deodorant at anytime

6    Keep head, hands, and feet                      13.  No animals are allowed on the bus
to yourself and in the bus              

7.    The driver is authorized to                         14.  Stay in your seat until bus stops
assign seats

Danger Zone
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