Transportation Policy

Student Transportation Services

The Board, in accordance with state law, may provide free transportation for eligible students attending the district's schools. The superintendent shall ensure that the transportation services of the district meet all of the requirements established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as the policies that pertain directly to the qualifications of transportation operators and operational procedures adopted by the Board of Education.

The standards for transportation are:

1. Eligible students are determined by their legal permanent address.
2. Resident students living one mile or more from school will be entitled to free transportation to and from school. Except for students that would otherwise require the student to walk across a road with a speed limit of 40 miles per hour.
3. Kindergarten students will not be dropped off at the bus stop without the
presence of a parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian gives permission for
the student to be dropped off without them being present a written note must
be in the students file.
4. Transportation for babysitting may be provided for students in grades K-5 as
long as the student is an eligible bus rider and the babysitter‘s location is on
an established bus route within the students elementary attendance center.
Bus routes will not be extended and/or changed for babysitting situations.
5. Special transportation for students that have suffered a personal injury will not
be granted unless it is a recommended by doctor’s orders and approved by
the district administration and/or school board.
6. The Warren County R-III School District will not provide transportation for
students to places of employment on bus routes.
7. Students will not be allowed to change from their regular route to ride to a
different location with another student on a different route.
8. Bus stops on regular bus routes must have a minimum of 500 feet between
9. At bus stops the school bus must be visible for at least three hundred feet
(300’) in both directions or five hundred feet (500') if the speed limit is greater
than sixty (60) miles per hour.
10. In towns and cities, school bus stops should be established at least six to
eight blocks apart, unless conditions make it impractical to do so.
11. It is the Warren County R-III School District position to not to enter private
subdivisions. To travel inside a private subdivision there needs to be:
a. Written permission from all property owners or subdivision authorities
b. If there is not a street structure in place that would allow the bus to
enter and exit without turning around, then the bus pick-up and
drop-off area will be at the first and safest intersection. Cul-de-sacs or
personal driveways will not be accepted.

Transportation for a student with a disability will be provided if the IEP team determines that such transportation is necessary as a related service due to the student's disability. Transportation for special education students or students classified as homeless will be provided in accordance with law.

The superintendent shall ensure that the transportation services of the district meet all state and federal laws as well as other requirements of the Board of Education. Students may be transported in leased vehicles, private vehicles, common carriers or other contracted transportation as allowed by law and permitted by the Board. All district employees or other persons who drive district-owned or district-leased transportation or who transport students in private vehicles as an agent for the district must meet applicable state and federal laws as well as district policies and procedures. The superintendent will present to the Board a plan for student transportation services for the district no later than the end of October of each year for initial approval and no later than the end of June for the final approval of modifications made during the school year. The plan should follow the procedures set by the State Board of Education.

Transportation Records and Reports
The superintendent or designee shall provide for the proper accounting of student transportation records and reports in the school district and shall be responsible for preparing and submitting to the State Board of Education the necessary reports for apportioning state transportation aid, in addition to reports for statistical purposes and for the proper maintenance and administration of the district’s transportation services.

Viewing Bus Video
Video taping of the bus routes are designed to help prevent injury and address safety issues for transportation to and from school. Viewing of the videos will be allowed on an individual basis. All video must be watched in the presence of school officials. Only the incident of the child of the parent guardian will be discussed. Incidents of other children will not be discussed or viewed.

The guidelines for viewing bus video are:

1. Only parents/guardians of the student are eligible to view the bus video.
2. Copies of the video will not be made or distributed.
3. All bus videos will be maintained for 10 days
4. Adequate time must be provided for the scheduling of the viewing of the bus video.

District Transportation Safety
School officials must provide safe transportation of district students to and from school. Drivers, students and district personnel will follow all laws and district policies and procedures.
District vehicles carrying students will be considered extensions of the school environment. Any student whose conduct on district transportation is improper or jeopardizes the safety of other students may be suspended from district transportation services and may be disciplined in accordance with district policy. Uniform rules of conduct and disciplinary measures will be enforced. Students with disabilities will be disciplined according to law.
Access to all district transportation is limited to authorized riders and staff. All district staff and drivers shall report any instance of trespass to appropriate administrators and law enforcement agencies.

Special Use of District Transportation
District vehicles will be used solely for district-sponsored activities, including district extracurricular activities and organizations.

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