Prop W FAQ's

Prop W  Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prop W?
- Prop W is a $0.39 tax levy that will be on the August 6 ballot for the Warren County R-III School District.  

Why is Prop W needed?
- The district loses between 15%-20% of our teaching staff annually. Many of these teachers are leaving for higher paying jobs.
- Over a 30-year career, a teacher in Wentzville can expect to make over $300,000 more than a teacher in Warren County R-III.
- This trend is similar for support staff and other work groups as well.

How will these funds be used?
- The funds will be used for salary increases for all work groups in the district.
- Prop W will not be enough to pay more than St. Charles County schools, but will help us become competitive.

How will Prop W impact the four-day school week?
- The four-day week is one part of the plan to retain staff.  
- Transitioning to the four-day week will save the district less than 1% of the budget or approximately $250,000.  This alone is not enough to increase salaries to a competitive level.

How much will it cost me?
- A $0.39 per 100 dollars of assessed valuation is applied to both real estate and personal property taxes. 
- For example: 
A $100,000 house will cost $6.11 per month or $73.32 per year.  
A $10,000 car will cost $12.98 per year.

What are the additional operating expenses mentioned in the ballot language?
- Competitive salaries and insurance are the two biggest increases since the last tax levy increase.  The last tax levy increase was approved in April, 2004.

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