August 6 Tax Initiative Information

Prop W Information
August 6, 2019

- Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) Goals
FOCUS AREA:  Retaining Quality Staff
Goal 1:  Retain 90% of staff
Goal 2:  Increase steps on the salary schedule to be within $3,000 of each step of the salary schedule for the Wentzville School District
Goal 3:  Increase staff response to “How would you rate Warren County R-III School District on a scale from 1-10?”

- Teacher Retention
Warren County R-III Teacher Retention Rates the Last 3 Years
2015-2016 - 80.5%
2016-2017 - 84.5%
2017-2018 - 83.6%
The approximate median retention rate for St. Charles County is 91%

- Where Do Our Teachers Go?
From 2014-2018, Warren County R-III lost 13 teachers to Francis Howell, 13 teachers to Ft. Zumwalt, 13 teachers to Wentzville, 4 teachers to Troy, 4 teachers to Wright City, 3 teachers to Gasconade County, 3 teachers to Orchard Farm, 3 teachers to St. Charles, 2 teachers to Hazelwood, and 2 teachers to Special School District

- Salary Comparisons
While Warren County R-III teacher pay starts just over $2,000 less than Wentzville teachers, that gap grows to over $7,000 per year by Step 10, over $14,000 by Step 20, and $18,764 by Step 30. 
The maximum single year difference in salaries compared to Ft. Zumwalt is $28,721, and $20,804 compared to Francis Howell.
Over the course of a 30-year career, Warren County R-III teachers stand to earn $311,172 less than a teacher who spends 30-years in Wentzville, $369,215 less than a teacher who spends 30-years in Ft. Zumwalt, and $413,447 less than a teacher who spends 30-years in Francis Howell.

- Ballot Language
Proposition W
Shall the Board of Education of the Reorganized School District No. 3 of Warren County, Missouri, be authorized to increase the operating tax levy by $0.3900 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for the purpose of meeting additional operating expenses?
 (If this proposition is approved, the adjusted operating tax levy of the District is estimated to increase by $0.3900 from $3.5812, currently, to $3.9712 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for the 2019 Tax Year and can be applied to the assessed valuation for each year thereafter.)

- Increase in Operating Expenses 
* The last tax levy increase that was passed by the voters was in April 2004. 
* Since the 2004-05 school year, insurance cost to the district has increased over $2,000,000.
* Minimum wage in 2004-05 was $5.15 and minimum wage in 2023 for the State  of Missouri will be $12 per hour.  
* Our food service employees, latchkey employees, para-professionals, and custodians all start below $12 per hour.
* The cost of competitive salaries for teachers has also increased.
* In an effort to maintain current services, the district reduced expenditures by almost $1,000,000 for the 2019-20 school year.

- What will a $0.39 increase cost?
Real Estate Example - For an assessed value of a $150,000 home, this increase would cost $111.15 per year, or approximately $9.27 per month.

Personal Property Example - A $10,000 car will cost approximately $12.98 per year.

- How will the money be used?
* The district will receive approximately $1,104,324 of new money.
* The money will be spent on salaries for all staff.
For example, the district goal is to be within $3,000 of Wentzville’s teacher salary schedule.  To achieve this approximately $700,000 of new money is required.
* Through our negotiation process we will determine how to equitably distribute the funds to all staff.  

- Tax Rates of Area Districts

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