Prop W FAQ's

Prop W  Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prop W?
- Prop W is a $0.39 tax levy that will be on the April 7 ballot for the Warren County R-III School District.  

Why is Prop W needed?
- The district struggles to hire and retain support staff to fill the needs of the district.
- The district loses between 15%-20% of our teaching staff annually. Many of these teachers are leaving for higher paying jobs.
- Over a 30-year career, a teacher in Wentzville can expect to make over $300,000 more than a teacher in Warren County R-III.

How will these funds be used?
- The funds will be used for salary increases for all work groups in the district.
- Prop W will not be enough to pay more than St. Charles County schools, but will help us become competitive.

How will Prop W impact the four-day school week?
- The four-day week is one part of the plan to retain staff.  
- Transitioning to the four-day week will save the district less than 1% of the budget or approximately $250,000.  This alone is not enough to increase salaries to a competitive level.

How much will it cost me?
- A $0.39 per 100 dollars of assessed valuation is applied to both real estate and personal property taxes. 
- For example: 
A $100,000 house will cost $6.18 per month or $74.10 per year.  
A $10,000 car will cost $12.98 per year.

What are the additional operating expenses mentioned in the ballot language?
- Competitive salaries and insurance are the two biggest increases since the last tax levy increase.  The last tax levy increase was approved in April, 2004.

What has the district cut to help address these issues?
- The district has cut over $1 million by reducing 5% of the district paid teaching staff as well as hours for some hourly employees. 

The district just built a new gym and softball field. Why couldn't that money have gone towards salaries?
- The new facilities built with money from the 2016 Bond Issue were voted on for those specific projects. Money from the Bond Issue cannot be used for any operating expenses - including salaries.

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